Catfish is one of the popular sources of protein in the United States. It is healthy and delicious, which makes catfish farming a popular aquaculture industry. This fish grows well in warm climates, and it is easy to raise catfish. As long as you have a suitable, appropriate place and conditions, you can even breed catfish at home. Therefore, you can provide another source of protein for your family, and you can also make a profit by selling them.

Catfish farming is also very simple for a beginner in aquaculture. However, if you are not sure how to start catfish farming, this article will help you understand everything about this type of fish farming.

Things you need to start your backyard fish farm

  1. Build your pond, it can be an earthen pond or an above ground pond.
  2. Connect your pond to a clean water source.
  3. Buy fingerlings from breeders
  4. Buy feed for your fish
  5. Start your fish farm

The threshold for catfish farming is very low, it is easy to start, and the expenditure depends on the size of your farm. Many fish farms in Nigeria are catfish farms in the backyard. Why not start a fish farm today?

Machine for Making Floating Fish Feed

Floating fish feed machine is the best choice for homemade fish feed and fish farms. With a floating fish feed extruder, you can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality feed and reduce feed costs.

Required facilities

Like any other aquaculture industry, starting a catfish farming business in Nigeria requires you to have some important fishing equipment where you can comfortably build your farm. Without these equipment, you have not started yet.

A piece of land: You will inevitably need a piece of land to start your fish farming business, but it all depends on what you can afford. If it is a small-scale catfish farming business, then you can use a space as small as 1.5 square meters and 1.5 square meters. However, if you have some extra cash, especially if your space is larger, you can raise more fish; this also means that your return rate is higher, then you use half a piece of land or even a whole piece of land.

Fish pond: You can find a place or a piece of land for yourself, but it is unlikely to build a fish pond. You need to hire the services of a pond construction expert/engineer. It must be set carefully, and the plumbing must be accurately connected. An error here could mean the beginning of the end of the business. You can use concrete or plastic pond

Overhead water tank: The smallpox tank is a reservoir for fish. The water tank may have a separate well, or it can be shared with your own home (if there is a well near your home). The use of chemically treated water is not good for keeping healthy fish.

Fingerlings: There are various recommended farms where you can get your fry. You can evaluate the seed through proper consultation with a breeding expert or seed expert. If possible, check from several recommended farms before selecting fry, because catfish fry come in different species. As a catfish farmer, you must take the time to identify fast-growing and disease-resistant fry species. Ensure the profits of the catfish business.

Knowledge: If the first attempt is successful, it must be due to your knowledge of the industry. If you are unsuccessful, you can try again at any time, because no one can take away the business knowledge in your mind. Attach yourself to work in a catfish farm (if they don’t want to pay, it’s free). Before setting up a farm, you must receive at least two to four months of training.

Before you start farming catfish, there are some important questions to ask.

  • How much money can I afford to start a business? (The funding will determine the scale of your business-small or large.)
  • How many catfish farmers are there near me? (If you are willing, understanding these conditions will definitely help you participate in actual combat training, and also help you determine the competition in your breeding area.)
  • What is the demand for catfish in my area? (Requirements are not the same everywhere).
  • Can I have time to supervise the farm, or do I need to hire a fish farmer? (You need to know in order to make a proper budget.)
  • What is the ROI (return on investment) of catfish farming?
How to start catfish farming at home