Sunwit is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer. We help small, medium and large-scale fish pellet production clients set-up a fish feed plant that is designed to meet customers‘ specific demands at different capacities.

Sinking fish feed machine (500kg-4t/h)

The fish feed extruder is a device commonly used in the aquaculture industry to produce floating and sinking fish feed pellets. We offer all kinds of fish feed machine including floating type fish feed machine and sinking type fish feed machine. If you want to buy fish feed machine and make your own fish feeds, please contact us or email us [email protected]

Small Capacity Fish Feed Machine

Floating Fish Feed Machine
Floating Fish Feed Machine(50-400kg/h)

Wet Fish Feed Machine Applications

  • Has large capacity, suitable for large-scale aquaculture farms or fish feed pellet processing plants.
  • It’s suitable for making the pellets of fish, shrimps, lobsters, crabs.
  • It is also used to produce pet food, such as cat food and dog food.
  • This machine can produce floating fish feed pellets and sinking fish feed pellets.

Specifications of Fish Feed Extruder

ModelCapacity(T/H)Main Power(KW)Feeding Power(KW)Screw Diameter(MM)Cutting Power(KW)

How to Make Local Floating Fish Feed?

Features of Sinking Fish Feed Machine

  • The boiler continuously supplies hot steam to the conditioner to fully cook the raw materials, improve the nutritional value, greatly improve the quality and quantity of feed, and reduce power consumption.
  • Different screw configurations can meet the production requirements of different formulations and different raw materials.
  • The electric heating device is used to improve the material expansion rate and pellet floating time.
  • The key parts are vacuum-quenched, with high processing precision and long service life.
  • You can change different molds to make pellets of different diameters.

Why Extruded Fish Feed is Better?

Extruded fish feed is based on your specific feed section and style. With the increase in feed costs and the demand for healthy fish, fish feed extrusion is very helpful.

More palatable: Apply pressure during the extrusion process to make the feed softer and more digestible. The drying process is mild and the feed retains all its natural sweetness. It effectively retains the flavor, making the feed suitable for both young and mature fish.

Healthier: Extruded feed with a high saving rate and high nutrient digestibility and high nutritional value. Through effective treatment, all nutrients are retained, while effectively combined with vitamin supplements, so that fish can digest more than 90% of the feed. This is much higher than ordinary pellets.

Reduced wastage: Extruded feed is compact during processing and transportation without leakage or dispersion.
The feed is spread evenly on the water surface, so that the fish can be enjoyed evenly when it is dissolved in the water.

Hygienic and safer: In the extruded feed, the situation of infection and disease caused by untreated feed is eliminated. Under the high temperature and high pressure of more than 100 degrees Celsius, bacteria and other organisms are eliminated. This will keep the feed safe.

Extruded Sinking Fish Feed Processing Technology

The main production equipment for processing extruded fish feed is fish feed extruder. The starch and ground raw materials prepared in proportion are mixed with a certain amount of water, fully evaporated, and then sent to the extrusion chamber. Driven by the extrusion screw, the temperature rises, the pressure in the extrusion chamber increases, and the raw material is matured.

When the high-temperature and high-pressure raw material is extruded from the die, the pressure is instantly reduced. Under the influence of the pressure difference, the water in the raw material quickly evaporates, causing the raw material to expand. At the same time, the extruded feed is cut to a suitable size with the knife of the fish feed extruder.