Why You Need to Make Your Own Fish Feed?

If you can make it yourself, why should you go to the store or manufacturer to buy fish feed? Homemade fish feed is the best choice for your fish, you can customize it according to your fish preferences, and it is also a cheaper option. If you can create a special diet, then the fish you eat will be much healthier!

How to Make Quality Fish Feed?

Basically, in order to produce high-quality fish feed, you must have background knowledge of the specific fish you want to feed. Therefore, before formulating feed formulas, it is necessary to understand the nutritional needs of related varieties. The basic nutrients required by fish are proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In order for your fish to grow to the optimal size in the shortest time, the feed must contain enough nutrients to provide energy and growth and development.

Protein is usually important for tissue regeneration, and fat and carbohydrate are the energy source and feed stabilization (combination) purpose, respectively. The lack of these nutrients, especially proteins, can affect the growth of fish.

Therefore, the required protein should be the minimum protein quality required for optimal growth at a certain age. For example, the dietary protein content of fry salmon is usually around 45-50%, and the dietary protein content of juvenile or adult salmon is around 42-45%. The growth of catfish fingerling fish needs about 30-32%, and the adult catfish only needs 28-30% to meet.

In addition to nutritional needs, eating habits are also an important aspect to consider. Like humans, fish have their favorite food. They may be carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous. This will require different types of ingredient recipes.

Making Fish Feed with Fish Feed Extruder

Fish Feed Machine for Homemade Use or Small & Medium Fish Farms

Fish feed extruder is the main equipment for processing expanded fish feed. The starch and ground raw materials prepared in proportion are mixed with a certain amount of water, fully evaporated, and then sent to the extrusion chamber. Driven by the extrusion screw, the temperature rises, the pressure in the extrusion chamber increases, and the raw material is matured. When the high-temperature and high-pressure raw material is extruded from the die, the pressure is instantly reduced. Under the influence of the pressure difference, the water in the raw material quickly evaporates, causing the raw material to expand. At the same time, the extruded fish feed is cut to a suitable size with the knife of the fish feed extruder.

Types of Fish Feed

Before we start, it`s important to know the types of fish feed and what you need to provide to your pets.

– Processed Feed. This food is rich in vitamins and minerals. The processed dry food can be bread crumbs, granules, tablets and flakes.

– Live Fish Feed. This is one of the best fish food. It can imitate the eating habits of fish. Therefore, any fish will eat food according to its instinct. The most suitable varieties of this food are red worms, white worms, black worms, glass worms and blood worms.

– Fresh Food. The fresh food includes meat and vegetables. This food is not processed before feeding. One of the biggest benefits of this food is its high protein content.

– Frozen Food. This food is specially made for market use. It can keep food fresh.

Make Your Own Fish Feed or Buy Fish Feed from Manufacturer